New Adventures on the Moon

by Escape Act

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A selection of songs from the upcoming Escape Act album, Post Adventures on the Moon, released on Volte-face Records in September 2014.


released 01 April 2014




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Track Name: Post Adventures on the Moon
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From the days of Cleopatra
Post adventures on the moon
There's always been a story
Got no time for silver spoons

He's from outside Belfast
She's from northern France
It's such a pretty accent
He doesn't stand a chance

He's locked in her heart
Yeah he's locked in her heart
She puts him in...

I could not follow
I shouldn't follow, now
But in the meantime
Look here comes the wave
Wash fear away
Better off in the grave
Wash fear away
No more yesterday

Only when we're young
Do we believe such love
Such love hurts
Such love don't deserve us

It hauls you down
Breaks you inside and out
All the happiness you build up dissipates
Time to take flight
Disappear just like a night
No more throwing stones
At closed windows
Past 3am

A painful rite of passage
From the annals of the past
Without going into details
You know it didn't last
He gave up on heartache
She gave into love
It's such a common outcome
The story always ends thus